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14" QuietDrive™ Powerhead WITHOUT Wand (CT-20)


14" QuietDrive™ Powerhead WITHOUT Wand (CT-20)

CT20QD 1.jpg
CT20QD 1.jpg

14" QuietDrive™ Powerhead WITHOUT Wand (CT-20)


This brush features wrap-around bumpers for protecting high-end furniture and baseboards, height adjustment for a wide variety of carpets, large rear wheels to help negotiate around furniture and uneven surfaces, a reset button to protect the motor from jams, headlight, and an easy-release connection between the power head and wand.

○ 14" cleaning path
○ Electric nozzle with 2 side brushed edge cleaning
○ Easy release neck
○ Four position height adjustment
○ Poly-V drive system
○ Chevron agitator
○ Head light
○ Overload protector
○ Large molded wheels
○ Full non-marring wrap around bumper
○ Carpet guard


Item: CT-20

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